A chance meeting between Crissy Weller and Clare Box at a yoga class on Eel Pie Island, brought together a shared vision in creating a community project that reduced food waste. The café first opened its doors at ETNA Community Centre in June 2018.

Today with a team of over 50 volunteers, the café and food surplus hub is open 3 days a week at ETNA Community Centre and 1 day a week outside Noble Green Wines, Hampton Hill.

Since we first opened, TRJFP had fed 11,281 bellies and saved 66 tonnes of food (up to and including June 2021).



Our philosophy is feeding bellies not bins, using food that has been diverted from landfill and turning it into great meals and re-distributing any surplus food in the local community. The café is an open, welcoming space where our visitors can leave their story at the door and sit and chat to one another. 

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  • To provide affordable and healthy food to those subject to food poverty, including the homeless, low income families, the elderly and people on their own.

  • To provide a warm, non-judgemental space in which people are made to feel welcome and able to pay their way ('pay as you feel').

  • To promote links with the local community, by raising the community spirit and bringing people together.

  • To educate the public in matters relating to food waste and the impact on the environment.

  • To operate on principles of zero food wastage and self-sustainability.


Our team of drivers collect left over food 7 days a week from our partners, restaurants, independent retailers and individuals, including allotment surplus.

Our key partners include Tesco, Waitrose, Marks and Spencer’s, Cavan Bakery, Harris and Hoole, the Co-op and Lidl. Some of the partnerships are brokered through two charities, FareShare and Neighbourly, which allocate food to projects and charities. 


The food is used to prepare fresh and healthy meals, and a typical menu will consist of a home-made soup; a choice of main dishes including vegetarian and vegan options; and a dessert. Coffee, tea, smoothies and a wide choice of cakes and sweet pastries are usually available. We never know what the menu will be until we have received all the daily donations, so its always changing from one day to the next.


Any surplus food is redistributed in a number of ways. Our extremely popular food surplus hub enables our visitors to take home food; some is taken to other charities and organisations in the local community, including homeless charities; and some is made into Fresh Food Care Packs to individuals and families who are unable to get to our venues.




TRJFP has been fully operational throughout the pandemic, redistributing food to other organisations, charities and individuals across the borough and offering a hot food service in line with government guidelines. TRJFP has worked closely with London Borough of Richmond Officials to ensure we are operating to Covid-19 secure guidelines. Currently in Lockdown 3.0, the café at ETNA is currently open as a takeaway café only. 


During the initial lockdown from March – July 2020, TRJFP

  • redistributed 17.7 tonnes of food

  • drove 4,590 miles; 

  • worked up to 7 days per week

  • volunteers have contributed 709 hours of their time.



TRJFP-Twickenham are grateful to the support they have received from:


ETNA Community Centre Director, staff and trustees for believing in our vision and being there throughout the journey to-date.


Greenwood Community Centre Director, staff and trustees for their support in opening a second venue.


Hampton Fund, Richmond Parish Lands Charity, London Community Fund, LBoRuT Emergency Fund; National Lottery Community Fund and WRAP for their financial support.

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FairShare and Neighbourly for coordinating the collections; and to all the shops and individuals who have made donations since we first opened.


  • The magnificent team of volunteers, who without, this project could not have been the success it is today.

  • Everyone who responds to our shout outs. Thank you for the donations of pans, rugs and jam jars.

  • Thank you to Trish Gant Photography for the images used on this website.